I had a great time designing Art3mis for Ready Player One.

It wasn't easy though. First concepts I did were rejected by Steven Spielberg.
I find it relatively easier to do monsters and scary things than to do something graceful and beautiful.

So for a second round, I asked my wife if I can use her as a reference and she was kind enough to say yes!) I used her bodytype, ears, eyes and etc. and this concept had a very positive response from the director.

Once again, guys at ILM did an outstanding job to bring this character to life.

I and my wife were super happy to see some echoes of her look on the big screen!)

Early on working on Ready Player One I was asked to give a go on Artemis`s bike.

Obviously, it had to be a homage to a legendary bike from Akira.

Initially, we explored different ideas based on the colour scheme and main shapes, but Steven Spielberg wanted us to stay as close as possible to Kaneda`s bike.

This is basically how it ended up looking on the big screen.