Introduction to Blender workflow (Volume One)

This is a first part of a series of tutorials on my Blender workflow.
You can get it here.

Blender has become a very important part of my workflow since this program has everything i`ve been looking for in a 3D package.
It is stable, fast, intuitive, FREE and etc.

This pack includes video tutorials that will help you to get into blender and see what tools and add-ons i use on a daily basis in my professional work.

Also, this pack includes 2xhigh-poly and 2xlow-poly vehicle assets as obj`s and .blend files.

Disclaimer: You are totally free to use these assets on your projects, but don`t forget to credit me if you are using them for commercial purposes.
Obviously, you can`t resell them in any shape. I know it sucks, but that is the way it is!:))

Introduction to Blender workflow tutorial